Weekly Horoscope – 12 to 18 April 2021

Weekly Horoscope – 12 to 18 April 2021

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All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.).

We start the week with the energies of the Venus square Pluto aspect still in effect. The Venus square Pluto can have us acting compulsively or obsessively when it comes to relationships. This aspect will start to fade out by late afternoon on Monday. 

We also have the Sun creeping up toward its upcoming sextile with Mars from the start of the week. Sun sextile Mars has us feeling revved up and eager to get on with matters. We have more courage to take some type of action now. 

Mars is moving pretty fast at this time, so it will be late afternoon (5:42 pm C.D.T.) Tuesday before the aspect is exact. Mars is also out of bounds at the moment, so Mars (energy, action) might be a little rogue or over the top. The aspect should start to fade out from late morning on Friday, so this is a great week to get stuff done!

From early morning on Wednesday, the Sun moves up so that it is within a one-degree orb of making a sextile to Jupiter. Sun sextile Jupiter is an enthusiastic, generous, and buoyant transit that has us feeling like all things are possible. As the Sun will still be within orb to its sextile to Mars, we will have the energy to implement some of these plans. 

The Sun is moving slower than it usually does at this time, while Jupiter is powering along at more than twice its usual speed. As such, it will take until late morning (11:45 am C.D.T.) on Thursday before this aspect is exact. The effects of this transit should start to fade out from early evening on Friday. 

Venus changes zodiac signs from Aries (where it is in detriment) to Taurus, where it is domicile (at home) early afternoon on Wednesday. Venus will be in Taurus for nearly 4 weeks and bring stability and harmony to relationship matters, artistic endeavors, and finances.  

From late afternoon on Wednesday, Mars moves up closer to its upcoming trine with Jupiter. Mars trine Jupiter is an excellent aspect for planning a course of action and getting things done. The Sun is between both Mars and Jupiter and forming a helpful sextile to each of them. 

The Mars trine Jupiter aspect is exact in the very early hours (0:12 am C.D.T.) of Saturday. The aspect should start to fade out mid-morning on Monday the 19th.

Then, just in case you weren’t busy enough, we have the Sun moving up to square Pluto from mid-morning on Thursday. Pluto is a planet associated with power dynamics and transformation. 

We will still be focused on what we want to get done (Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter, Mars trine Jupiter), but we may have to watch out that we don’t step on any toes now. Conflict with those in authority is possible with Sun square Pluto. However, it may be that you find yourself needing to adjust how you use your energies somehow.

This aspect will be exact mid-morning (8:11 am C.D.T.) on Friday. The effects should start to fade out from late morning on Saturday. 

Mercury, moving very fast from late night on Friday, moves up closer to its upcoming sextile with Mars. Mercury will quickly move on to forming a sextile with Jupiter as well (just as the Sun did with both these planets earlier). 

From early on Saturday, Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming square with Pluto. Mercury square Pluto can lead to obsessive thoughts and a completely one-track mind. You may find yourself trying to convince others of your point of view or be on the receiving end of this. The aspect is exact late afternoon (4:49 pm C.D.T.) on Saturday. The effects should start to pass from the early hours of Sunday. 

Very late night on Saturday, Mercury moves up to be within one degree of the Sun. This is the superior conjunction and represents the start of a new Sun/Mercury cycle. When a planet is within one degree of the Sun, it is said to be Cazimi, or in the heart of the Sun, and is made more powerful or potent. Ideas may be particularly on point at this time. 

The exact Sun-Mercury conjunction will be late evening (8:47 pm C.D.T.) on Sunday. Mercury will remain within one degree of the Sun until early evening on Monday the 19th. 

 All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.) 

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This is a great week to focus on your communications, transportation, and electronics. You may also find yourself dealing more with siblings or those in your local area. There is also likely to be a lot more communication with friends and groups this week. Your main issue this week may be with authority figures, especially bosses. This may be particularly so on from Thursday onward. You have many great ideas at this time, though, and are likely eager to put them into practice. 


A lot is going on behind the scenes, and you are likely scheming and planning as you read this. Your ideas are likely to be quite exciting and perhaps even transformative in some way. From Thursday and into the weekend, you may find yourself butting heads with authority figures. Just keep your head about you, though, as your potential to gain the law’s attention is heightened at this time. 


Plans made with friends are likely to have you feeling revved up and eager to put some plans into action. This may be particularly so over the weekend. You may need to be extra cautious, though, when it comes to leading or borrowing money from friends, as a war of words might eventuate instead. Issues of power and dominance could be a theme regarding these matters. 


You may be doing a lot behind the scenes to assure your career success this week. In the workplace or in the public arena, you may receive a lot of acclaim regarding your ideas. There may even be a financial backer that wants to take a punt on you this week. However, things may be more problematic with a partner this week. Power dynamics in relationships may be stressful for a few days near the end of the week. 


Friends and partners may be a real boon this week. They are there to cheer you on and inspire you to take those calculated risks and expand your horizons in some fashion. This may also relate to groups or a cherished hope or dream that you have been working towards. Make sure that you get enough rest. It would be a shame to have to slow down because you have not been looking after yourself properly. 


There may well be a lot of excitement regarding career matters and shared finances or resources. Dealing with financial issues, such as joint finances, inheritances, insurances, taxation, and loans, may take a lot of your time this week. If you feel a bit baffled by it all, the weekend might bring some crucial clarity regarding these matters. Children may resent the time away from you, though, or you may find yourself wistful that you cannot do more of the things you enjoy at this time. 


Partnerships are on your mind at this time. There may be a desire to expand your horizons in some fashion. You may find yourself very caught up in the idea of getting away or having more fun as the week progresses. Clashes with a partner and a family member or regarding your home or living situation may be an issue in the latter part of the week. There are likely to be some innovative ideas on how you can approach these matters late in the week. 


You may find yourself feeling a bit anxious this week. Matters to do with shared finances may be very much on your mind at this time. You may also be excited about plans regarding your children, romance, or other fun activities. Your relationship with siblings or communications, in general, could get a little confrontational in the latter part of the week. 


There may be a lot of excitement, especially in the early part of the week. This is likely to revolve around your children, romance, hobbies, creativity, or other fun activities. Matters to do with your income or personal finances or possessions may have you doing some deep thinking in the latter part of the week. 


There is likely to be a lot of activity and excitement around your home this week. This could also pertain to a family member, most likely a parent. Financial matters may seem to be particularly good at this time. There could be some intensity regarding family, your home, or real estate matters in the latter part of the week.


Your relationship with siblings and those in your local area are likely to be quite exciting this week. You will likely feel quite positive and upbeat in general. Your biggest issue at this time may be self-defeating habits. Try to be particularly kind to yourself and what you tell yourself in the latter part of the week. 


Financial matters may be in for a boost at this time. If not, it won’t be for lack of thinking about them. There may be assistance from a family member or from a hidden benefactor. In the latter part of the week, there may be a lot of intensity and drama with groups or friends. 


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